Instructions: Our software for the courier, delivery and taxi industry.

1. Admin/Dispatcher Account

Log in to the Admin of the Patcher Account with your user data. As the operator, you have complete control over the running operation. First make the basic settings.

2. Make basic settings Under „Company Information“

you can define the catchment area for your customer orders in addition to your business details. Under „Admin Access Levels“ you can define clear rights for your employees in the administration of the software. Add further employees to the administration under „Admin Account“.

3. Dispatch Screen

You receive here all live information on all current jobs and on all currently available couriers. These are also displayed on a map.

4. Dashboard

The „Dashboard“ is a graphical compilation of your business activities.

5. Couriers

In the „Couriers“ menu you can see your driver administration. To select the catchment areas for the couriers use the „Route“ Function.